At Live Action Music, we have many recordings created daily at Studio X & on the mobile rig. All recordings are sent in the form of a Wav or MP3 file at the end of a session. Any special requests such as Stems, Track files, or RAW DATA (Audio Tracks, RAW Vocal Tracks, New Bounce Downs, Etc.) are to be requested within 30 Days of recording. After those 30 days, Live Action Music is Not Responsible for any lost audio, video, photos or media recorded/worked on at any of It’s studios.


Stems, Audio files, Song Changes, Edits, New Renders, Bounce Downs, Mixes and such that are requested are to be asked for and exported DURING SESSIONS, not on the personal time of our engineers. They have lives too.


Show Up On Time!!! It is your responsibility to show up once you book a session.

 No Call No Shows will NOT receive a refund.

If you call the day of your session to cancel you will NOT receive a refund.

Schedule changes may be discussed 48 hours in advance, rescheduling charges may apply.


All media such as audio, video, photography and raw data recorded remains Property of Live Action Music until all payments and balances are received in full. If any remaining balances are owed on a customer’s account, the rights of any and all recordings belong to Live Action Music.