Recording Studio Rental Guide

Purchasing your first rental of a recording studio…

Overwhelmed? Fear not! Live Action Music is here to help! There are a couple of factors that go into the transaction between the owner of the studio and the renter of the recording studio. For instance, if you were to rent Studio X out in downtown Sacramento, there is a specific process that happens.

If you want to rent out a recording studio to produce your own music, always make sure the recording studio has insurance to cover their equipment and liabilities and a contract that both parties can sign that explains clearly. Similarly, the following are just as important:

The cost of the recording studio

(decide whether that is on a per hour basis and/or daily/weekly basis.)

How much the deposit will cost and how it will be paid

(credit card, PayPal, Venmo, cash, etc.)

Cancellation policy terms:

(This is important! Rental bookings should have a clear and concise cancellation policy. Having this will explain how long you have to cancel your rental before you lose your deposit).

After that, collect both of the party’s signatures in agreeance with the contract set before them.

(I think we can agree that this one is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure both of you have signed the contract!)

Now you have a solid reputable recording studio rental location picked out. Next, you should make sure they have equipment & software that you know how to operate. Here’s a list of some factors to think about when renting a recording studio:

Which DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) they have set up?

Most studios use different DAWs. They may range from Pro Tools to Logic to Ableton to Fruity Loops. All of the DAWs have their own strengths and weaknesses. In other words, it is completely up to the producer who is using the software.

What audio interface and drivers they use?

In addition, the audio Interface that the studio has set up should be something that YOU yourself are comfortable with using.

Which instruments and microphones they have to offer?

This section in itself could be a 2,000-word blog post. For instance, we could dive into the vast selection of vintage microphones that many songwriters and producers swear have the best sound. Or

What type of speakers they are using?

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not everything that you see in the studio will be what you want. Most importantly, you could have a multi-million dollar recording studio at your fingertips, but if you don’t know how to use it then it isn’t worth anything with you in control of it.

In conclusion,

whatever music studio you use to complete your project, make sure that you are feeling the vibes! At Live Action Music Studios, we always make sure there is a good vibe with every customer who comes through the doors to record their music. We believe that without a good connection and energy, all creativity is hindered.

Ready to rent your first studio in Sacramento? Check out our Sacramento Recording Studios blog post to get started!

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